Darius Foo

darius.foo.tw at gmail


I’m all about finding principled ways to solve problems and making people around me more productive.

Professional Experience

National University of Singapore

PhD Student

Aug 2020 – Present

  • Started my PhD!

SourceClear (and, by acquisition, Veracode)

Senior Software Engineer

May 2016 – Jul 2020

  • Worked on the SourceClear Agent, a tool which uses a combination of static analysis and instrumentation to discover and automatically upgrade library dependencies from CI/CD pipelines.
  • Maintained a code analysis pipeline for precomputing partial static analysis results for large numbers of open source libraries.
  • Authored 4 papers with colleagues on the following tools:
    • Update Advisor, a scalable static analysis for detecting breaking changes in order to perform automated library upgrades safely.
    • Sapling, a web app which optimizes story assignments for SAFe PI Planning using answer set programming.
    • SGL, a domain-specific graph query language able to represent security vulnerabilities.

Experimental Systems & Technology Lab, Ministry of Education Singapore

Software Engineering Intern

Jun 2015 – Aug 2015

  • Worked on Coursemology, an open source, gamified education platform used in select modules at NUS and various schools in Singapore.

National University of Singapore (NUS)

Teaching Assistant

Aug 2013 – Dec 2015

  • Led discussion group sessions and graded assignments in CS1101S, an accelerated introduction to programming based on the text Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (Abelson, Sussman) and conducted in JavaScript.
  • Maintained a source-to-source JavaScript-to-Java compiler used by students to run their JavaScript programs on Lego NXT robots.

Singapore University of Technology and Design


Dec 2013 – Feb 2014

  • Worked on Getzapp, an educational puzzle game for browsers. It was released commercially.

Singapore University of Technology and Design, Game Innovation Programme

Intern (Programmer)

May 2013 – Aug 2013

  • Developed Tower of Myr: Crystal Stream, a turn-based strategy game for Android. Implemented major parts of the gameplay and user interface.


BComp (Computer Science)
National University of Singapore
2012 – 2016


  • OCaml, Haskell, Java, Python, Bash, JS
  • Spring Boot, React
  • Docker, Kubernetes
  • Unity